Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why Spod ?

As an atheist, it is hard to know whether it is even worthwhile to expound one's views.  Most atheists are very tolerant and enlightened individuals and do not feel the need to impose their world view (spiritual "non" view) on their fellow humans.  However, the Four Horsemen, (Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennet and Harris) can take some credit here, they have raised atheism to a new level, to one where irrationality and the causes of irrationality are firmly rejected.

The old view was to dismiss the theists as misguided but generally harmless non-thinkers or (for the clergy) power driven thinkers of various repute.  With this new atheism, there is a recognition, ironically, that others must be saved from themselves.  Just as Christian missionaries taught their primitive brethren that there is no rain god, and that sacrificing their children was not necessary or kind, the new atheists must educate the deluded and self-deluded in the hope that the human race will survive itself.

Spod is derived from (Flying) Spaghetti Monster and God.  FSM + God = Spod !